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This is a programmer macro recorder that let you record keyboard keys as well as mouse clicks.
After recording is complete you can search for specific keywords in the macro. You can see the macros as you type. If the macro is completed you can playback the macros. Keymacro also record macros automatically while you are typing.Keyboard usage:
Record and playback macros, record video, capture images, record/play audio or record a multitrack audio track, change audio tracks, copy and paste text, record and playback contacts.Note: It is recommended to have both Front USB and Back USB in the same computer.
Easy to use macro recorder including high definition recording.
The app uses macros to speed up repetitive tasks. For example, you can record a macro that copies the selected text to the clipboard. You can also record or replay an entire web page. The macros can be defined using specific hotkeys, while all the video and audio captures can be recorded.
You can also record a whole video of your desktop or just record the area with the mouse cursor. If you are using a MultiTrack audio clip you can highlight several tracks at the same time and record them as a multi-track recording.Keyboard usage:
When you record a macro, you define a sequence of keys or a mouse click. This can be anything, and can include anything you want. For example, you can define a sequence of mouse clicks or keystrokes that you can use later in the program or another program. Some programs allow you to record mouse clicks with a button on the mouse. Other programs allow you to define keystrokes.
You can also record text from anywhere on your screen. You can then replay that text or any parts of it at a later time. For example, you can record what you are typing right now and you can replay that text later when you need it.
When you are ready to record your macro, you first select the mouse mode, the program or the part of the program to be recorded.
After recording is complete you can see a bar on the bottom of the screen that lets you replay a recording or review it. You can also edit the recorded clip to make it more understandable. You can also get help on how to use the program or any of its features.
APP Questions:
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2. What database types are supported? (MDB, ACCDB, ACC 384a16bd22

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“A software tool that captures keyboard keystrokes and converts them into macros. It also lets you record and playback any sequence of mouse clicks or keyboard commands that you enter.”

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Photographer: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images Photographer: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images

Japan’s banking industry may be the country’s safest, but its management model is among the least transparent in the world.

Sending regulators an annual report on the quality of its operations is something they ask of all the big banks. But if you look on the government’s website — unlike at most companies — you won’t find one for the Bank of Japan.

No one knows how much of its operations are confidential.

The central bank’s Web site lists the details of its core-money-supply targets as public information. After that, there are few details.

“I don’t know what their reporting methodology is,” said Nobuhiro Kubota, president of Tokyo-based consulting firm Eichele FMEB Inc. “It’s hard to tell if it’s just opaque for financial reasons or if they don’t want to make it public for other reasons.”

Kubota’s company, which researches Japan’s financial sector, gives a B- grade to the BOJ’s report. Eichele’s last report on the BOJ was released in October 2012, when it showed the central bank’s core-money-supply targets were being undershot, a trend that continued last year.

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index ranks the 50 richest individuals in the world,