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Modify existing win32 executable files, adding additional API calls. When you are done, Rec Studio will save the new dlls as a new executable (with Rec Studio as the author of the new executable)
* Support for different programming languages (Visual Basic 5.0, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0 compiler and the Visual C++ compiler 5.0)
* Theoretically, you can reverse any compiled file (.exe)
* The support of different programming languages is limited only to the ones you have installed in your system (you can select the compiler supported)
* When you are finished, Rec Studio will re-compile the new dlls
* The support for Disassembling the code (a.txt file will be generated)
* Supports other languages than just C++ and C# (Visual Basic 5.0, Visual C++ 6.0 compiler and the Visual C++ compiler 5.0)
* Support for managing the project elements, such as: Files, Build configurations, Objects, References, Debug and Release configuration
* The support of all kind of project elements, such as: File, Build configurations, objects, references, debug and release configurations
* The list of debug files and assembly instructions (DLLs) is saved in a.txt file and it’s displayed
* When you enter a code using a specific field you will see it in the disassembly tree
* When you enter a data into the field, you will see it in the disassembly tree (not visible unless you enter code)
* A tree view shows the Debug files and assembly instructions (.txt file)
* Support to produce additional files (WinApp, exe, dll, lib, bat, pdb)
* Build command line
* Support for visual components
* Configuration file
* Command line support (DLL files, print directory and etc)
* Disassembling (a.txt file will be generated)
* Additions to existing files
* Support for checking of files, such as: binary files (like dlls), file map, source files, assembly instructions and so on.
* Supports the following files: Bin, Dll, Lib, Pdb, Utc, Debug, Default, Main.cpp,.exe,.pch,.xac,.xml,.xbap,.resx,.rsx,.rb,.inc,.cfg, 384a16bd22

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* Compute the MAC (Message Authentication Code) in a secure manner for encrypted amateur radio text communications
* A common use is as a “base key” to replace the 10th or 11th digit of an international call as the 10th or 11th digit of the key
* This is handy when you need to use an international radio call that does not require a keying PIN (10 digit passcode)
* It will NOT solve the keying problem when you are a VHF or UHF CW operator, it simply replaces the 10th or 11th digit of the key
* Does not need a WSPR network connection, just your computer and the internet
* If you are in the USA, you can use the VHF/UHF traffic convention also known as the “ACMA Convention”
* If you are an Echolink member you can use the Echolink Key:
* Does not solve the keying problem for QSK DXing (through Morse Code) or emergency traffic
* The band width (the number of digit key required per second) is:
* 7 (VHF CW, digital voice, DXpedition and DXCC) or
* 8 (Voice, VHF CW, CW/SSB, PSK31, VOX, and DXCC)
* Note the 7 or 8 is based on the time required to send one character of text, NOT the time to process a character of text
* Key:
* AMS7CC uses the French military format for its MAC digits (plus one space for padding)
* For example,
* CCMMCDDCCMP (Compute MAC using MAC digits) = -Z – 4 + E + 4 + A + D + 3 + D + 5
* MAC would be the character “1” as a digit, “2” as a digit, and so on
* You may need to play with the settings for your keyboard to match the AMS7CC settings
* Works on Windows and Mac, no installation required
* “AMS7CC_PROMPT.txt” includes the MACs that are generated by the software
* Links:
* AMS7CC – What is this?