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KEYMACRO for Windows KeyMacro for Windows lets you create macros in any application (Windows) for mouse, keyboard and joystick. A macro can be defined as a series of actions (or commands), such as keystroke(s) or joystick moves, etc. Once defined, the macro can be activated by clicking its label and/or pressing the corresponding keys.You can run, stop, pause or resume the macros. KeyMacro for Windows is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for mouse and keyboard macros.

Base 25 Description:
Base 25 (also known as Base 25.0) is a multiplayer role-playing video game for the Game Boy. Players use a combination of levers to switch between different areas of the game. It was developed and published by GTE, and released in 1994. The game was only released in Japan.

the-kungfu-kid-2015-wii Description:
Release Date: 2014-05-26
Wii Virtual Console Game Description:
It’s never a good day when your father finds you in the garden smashing the mirror on your toy cat. He is an alien from the planet, Bossie, where people speak into the air with their faces. He is the President of the Bossian Federation, and he has come to Earth to bring peace and harmony to the planet. He really doesn’t want to do this, but he doesn’t have much choice. It is a matter of honour. While Dad tries to reason with you, it’s not long before he makes a tactical retreat in order to avoid getting into a brawl. For now, though, you have to prepare for your father’s mission. Once you’ve planted the mirror, you have to protect it from the scary things that live in the garden. You must also clear the way for the invading alien forces to arrive. Use the various items at your disposal, including your cat and your father’s flaming hair dryer, to fight your way through the monsters in the garden. Choose a character, and start the game, before Dad gets back.

Prince of Persia (Game Boy) Description:
Prince of Persia Description:
Prince of Persia was originally released for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and GameCube, with a PC version announced as an expected third-party release.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Description:
Run to survive the Maze Runners’ scorching heat and sneaky traps in this terrifying Maze Runner sequel. You’ll run for your life 384a16bd22

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QUICKSTART (for Linux and Mac OS X)
QA Proxy for Linux can be started from the command line as:
./QA_Proxy –port=8080
-d1 This sets the debug level to one
-d2 This sets the debug level to two
-d3 This sets the debug level to three
-d4 This sets the debug level to four
-d5 This sets the debug level to five
-d6 This sets the debug level to six
-d7 This sets the debug level to seven
-d8 This sets the debug level to eight
-d9 This sets the debug level to nine
-dp This sets the debug level to prepended
-dd This sets the debug level to debug
-dw This sets the debug level to warning
-dy This sets the debug level to exception
-dz This sets the debug level to fatal
When started, it will present you with the help page, which gives you instructions on how to use QA Proxy:
Copyright (c) 2007 Andrew Richards. All rights reserved.
QA Proxy is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Please feel free to use it and contribute patches, feedback or request features.
To do so, email me at
Thank you.
QA Proxy’s current development version is 2.0. It has been running for over a year. It has been tested and works on Linux and Mac OS X. It has many more features that I will be adding to over the coming months.
QA Proxy is written in C and PHP. PHP was used to provide the website and the XML to the client.
Please see the FAQ section below.
QA Proxy Features:
QA Proxy has many features, but here are some of the highlights:
– QA Proxy supports both HTTP and HTTPS as proxy targets
– QA Proxy can be configured to target a specific domain
– QA Proxy can be configured to only monitor specific ports
– QA Proxy can be configured to monitor outgoing packets only
– QA Proxy can be configured to monitor both incoming and outgoing packets
– QA Proxy can monitor DNS lookups and cache (for internal usage only)
– QA Proxy can parse out AMF traffic
– QA Proxy can parse out MSRPC traffic
– QA Proxy can be configured to run as a daemon