Gorgeous Ana Clara from Brazil, anaaclaraluz_BsJXAfIFUXX @iMGSRC.RU

n:: # Number of
j:: # Joints
t:: # Tracked joints
i:: # Index for each Joint (R x 2)
# R = rows in image

KeyMACRO :: # Main Loop
i: # Index of a tracked joint
b: # Index of a boney block
j: # Index of a tracked joint
# The number of joints in the file is the last line
x: # Index of joint center in patient image
# x=1 means that the first joint center is the first
# joint in the file
# and x=2 means that the second joint center is the first
# joint in the file
i: # Index of a tracked joint
j: # Index of a tracked joint 384a16bd22

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You can assign multiple macros to your plotter. You can create your own macros as well. Macros can be triggered by keyboard keys or mouseclicks. The macro name and parameters are saved for all subsequent recordings.
You can save your macros in groups. This is very useful, when you have several identical macros and want to set them up only once. In a group you can add any name for your macros, there you can decide to always activate or deactivate macros.
You can split up your macros, which will let you save more space on your hard drive.
You can copy or move macros from one group to the next.
You can keep all the macros of one group.
You can edit the keys of your macros.
There is a quick search field. It can search for macro names or parameters. It will save you a lot of time and work.
There is a clipboard for copying and pasting values.
You can save the content of the clipboard.
There is a backup / restore button.
There is a button to clear all macros.
You can export your macros.
You can import data from spreadsheets, where you can save the path and search for the data.
It can plot all curves of a page, if there is more then one plot.
You can split up your page into several plots with different colors and pen widths.
You can define an interval (interval), where you can zoom in.
You can define an end (end), where you can zoom out.
There are many different symbols, which can be plotted.
There is an autoshift mode for the mouse, which will make your plots even more clear.
Zoom buttons with varying levels of zoom.
There are different background colors and background image.
You can easily rotate and pan your plot.
There is a paste button.
You can adjust the scale of your plot.
You can change the X-axis label.
You can change the X-axis scale.
You can change the Y-axis scale.
You can change the size of your plot.
You can change the range of the X-axis.
You can change the range of the Y-axis.
You can change the color of your plot.
You can change the color of the axes.
You can change the background color of the plot.
You can change the pen width.
You can change the pen color.
There is a program