Native Instruments Battery 4.1.6

A concise and easily useable macro recorder. Supports any set of keyboards (macro keys, Winkeys, Linux keycodes,…). Designed for use with third-party softwares.
4.0.2 Description:
Improved functionality of existing plugins.
Added 3D OpenCL plugin.
Added the ability to add the “frame to key” functionality.
Keymacro, is a macro recorder. It creates a record for each user command of a program, and allows to define a macro key for it. The macro record can be used to automate common operations and avoid typing by hand. It is designed for use with third-party software, such as CAD and other design programs.Keymacro allows the user to define a macro key for each user command. Macro keys can be used to automate commands that are otherwise difficult to perform in the program. A single key can record many different commands, and a key can be defined for multiple commands. The key is assigned to the macro key at the time of installation. It can be assigned to key sequences, or can be associated with any keyboard button (Winkeys, Linux keycodes, Mackeyboard shortcuts,…). The key may be extended to include additional commands or assigned to a specific key in the program.
OpenGL or OpenCL can be used to display each recorded macro. A lot of different views are available to display the results: double-click on the OpenGL window to display it in full screen, an extra OpenGL view with some buttons can be activated by the Shift key, and a Viewer dialog opens, where the user can select a zoom level, an orientation (swap) and the available key types. Each recorded macro may be rendered in color or line on a surface.
The records created by Keymacro are saved in XML format, as well as in keymappack format, which is a binary archive that consists of a keymappack header and a keymappack body. Keymappack is a macro format created by VX Software.
Keymacro is free software, distributed under the GNU GPL license.
Keymacro has been downloaded and installed on more than 200,000 computers.
Keymacro 2.0.4 Description:
– Fix when a key has two or more sequences, keystrokes are missed.
– Added ‘Get opengl view’ key to the record dialog, used for previewing records.
– Improved the keybind support, in case a command 384a16bd22

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EasyReader is a feature-rich and intuitive application designed to provide an easy and simple way of viewing, reading-out-loud, and listening to different books and documents, ideal for readers with blindness or low vision, dyslexia, and other specific problems. It features a bookmark list and customization elements for highlighting and formatting the file’s look.
The program offers a clean and user-friendly interface, showing on the left side all the available sections, and on the right side the viewer with the zoom in and out function, along with the play and stop buttons. The supported file formats are NCC.HTML, OPF, HTM, XML, EPUB and TXT.
Load and view your preferred novels
When a book is added to the panel, in the headings tab you can see all the chapter and subchapters marked with numbers, each representing the navigational level. Depending on the file, images are displayed accordingly. In case the entry comes with a built-in voice, for example, audio books, the program lets you choose if you want to use it or keep the default one.
Plus, it there is a copied text in the Windows clipboard you can load it directly into the window, but bear in mind that it replaces the current record. If you’re reading a multi-chaptered book, the bookmark option lets you add a mark in order to remember where you left off.
Customize the overall viewing options and voices
The app gives you the option to keep the Windows highlight color palette or use the tool’s predefined ones. It’s possible to change the whole phrase background and text tint, apply bold, italic, letter spacing or upper case, as well as set the dual highlight tones. In addition, the general foreground and content colors, and style sheet (e.g. large, narrow, no images, spaced) can also be personalized.
EasyReader enables you to select the desired voice, which, unfortunately, can’t be customized with a particular one from the computer or the Internet. However, you can modify the reading speed, pitch and volume level, and if you want to hear the menus and controls.
Feature List:
– Easy and simple way to view, read out loud, and listen to different books and documents, ideal for readers with blindness or low vision, dyslexia, and other specific problems.
– Bookmark list lets you add a mark to remember the place where you left off.
– Fully customizable Windows color